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Business apps that will keep you on point

If you're an app collector, you'll know the benefit of having one that's usable compared to one that should have never made it through development. The right app can be a terrific time saver, particularly when you want to speed up the efficiency of your work day. Take a look at this list of some great apps that can help you stay on point with day to day tasks.


Using Microsoft Office is a necessity for most of us but if you're relying on a non-Microsoft device, gaining easy access to Word or Excel can be tough. Having the CloudOn app at your fingertips helps break the limitations of your device with seamless access to Office programs and functions. 


Evernote's exceptional versatility and user friendly interface has won it a reputation as a must have app for anyone needing a mobile workspace. More than just a simple note-taking platform, Evernote makes the process more efficient, offers synchronisation across multiple devices and keeps cloud stored records to ensure you won't lose any important minutes. 


LectureNotes offers terrific note taking functionality with the added benefit of being able to insert sketches and drawings for quick reference later. You can also supplement the app with additional functions such as LectureRecordings and LectureVideos to add visual and audio recording to your notes.


If you have a huge contacts list, Addappt is a great tool for making sure it's always up to date. The app makes sure your contacts' details are synchronised and current even when they change numbers. You can also access options to create and edit groups of contacts and sort individuals easily by job title, company name and city. It also gives you the local time for any contact in your address book so you'll never be waking someone at 2am.


A great app for regular networkers, CardMunch turns business cards into Linkedin connections.  With CardMunch, you've got a mobile rolodex on your phone as well as integration with Linkedin to help boost your connection rate. 


Hootsuite ups your efficiency in managing social networks by providing a single dashboard for posting to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and others. Once your social media accounts are synched, you can post to all your channels instantaneously as well as pre-plan and schedule posts.


CamScanner enables you to turn your device into a mobile scanner. If your smartphone has a working camera, you easily can digitise any document you have on hand and create and customise PDFs. There's also a number of additional features including batch scanning capability, enhance modes and auto cropping. 

Adobe Reader

PDFs are great but can be tough to use if device functionality is a problem. Adding the Adobe Reader app to your device gives you all the features you need. The app offers the ability to interact with PDFs on your device in the same way you would on a PC.


Dropbox offers cloud storage that you can access on any device. Using Dropbox for business is a great option for synchronising your team's file management system, especially if they're regular road warriors. There's even some handy features, such as unlimited deletion recovery,  and device management that reduces the reliance on internal IT.